Uma Luma Goes to the Moon is Now Available!

uma luma goes to the moonUma Luma Goes to the Moon is an early reader (children’s chapter book for ages 6-8), an exciting adventure through space, science, and battling insomnia.

Uma Luma can’t fall asleep. Every night, she lies in bed staring at the ceiling. She tries reading, counting sheep, and drinking warm milk, but nothing works. Uma is getting groggier and grumpier every day. She even falls asleep in school!

All Uma Luma wants is a good night’s rest.

Then a special visitor arrives and takes Uma Luma on a marvelous adventure to the moon. Uma learns about the Earth, the moon, and the stars. She even learns a new trick that might help her fall asleep at night.

Uma Luma Goes to the Moon is a magical adventure packed with interesting facts about space and science.

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Emmy Donovan writes books for kids. In addition to reading and writing, she loves animals, books, superheroes, and adventure.

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